An unironic, 100% mockery free list of things I enjoyed in the otherwise incredibly stupid Cowboys and Aliens (which I had to watch for my job, if you’re new).

– Daniel Craig is a great cowboy.
– Also, he looks his best when is face is all dirty and blood-spattered and sun damaged. Which is all of this movie.
– There is a really adorable dog who doesn’t die or get eaten by an alien or anything.
This guy Clancy Brown is just a delight and during his scenes, he makes you think you are watching a way better movie than you are.
– There are some nice shots of the prairies, and silhouettes of cowboys and stuff.

That’s it.


Last week’s Popcorn Panel was about the pretty atrocious Larry Crowne, and this list is going to be short:

-I loved that Larry’s neighbours have a permanent yard sale going on.

That’s it.

It has come to my attention from several sources that, in my 3+ years of coordinating the National Post’s Popcorn Panel (and therefore seeing a lot more , I have become a cynical curmudgeon who hates everything. My initial response to this, naturally, was that I wouldn’t hate everything if everything churned out by Hollywood wasn’t so crappy. But then I read over a few old Popcorn Panels and realized that yeah, I’m a bit of a crank. (Of course, it’s only because I idealistically try to demand that the level of general discourse and entertainment be raised, but whatever.) So I’m going to make a concerted effort to look for the good in even the emptiest of blockbusters that I have to watch.

Let’s start with this week’s movie, Green Lantern:

– Ryan Reynolds is very handsome. So is Mark Strong, even as a CGI-ed purple alien dude – those eyebrows!
– The look of joy on Reynolds’ face when the fish-head guy first shows him how to fly is delightful. I just love any flying sequence.
– That nasty chartreuse of fear is really very ugly and probably legitimately evil.
– I liked how the Guardians looked like they’d wandered over from the set of Labyrinth.
– The moral is something about Hal Jordan’s humanity being his greatest asset, even though humans are younger and weaker than all the other crazy alien Lanterns, which is nice.