Love me, love my Winnipeg

September 1, 2011

Back in May, I took a trip to Winnipeg. This is not unusual, as I tend to find myself in Winnipeg once a year or so. But this trip was provided by Tourism Manitoba, as I was writing a couple of travel stories about the ‘Peg and its surroundings. For one of the stories, my dear pal Fred Penner gave me a tour of his hometown. There’s also this round-up of nifty things to do in and around Winnipeg. (Please ignore my geographical error – I know Manitoba isn’t land-locked. It just FEELS land-locked.)

What I wasn’t able to mention in either story was that on my first night in Winnipeg, where I was a guest on the Gold Floor of the Fairmont, I arrived back at my room to this creatively patriotic bedtime snack:

Nothing says "welcome to the Prairies" like a voyageur diorama made of cookies.

Yes, that is a cookie canoe containing macarons, and, further back, a little cookie man standing next to a cookie inukshuk. Oh Canada.

In all my years of being dragged/going willingly to Winnipeg, I had never actually the local delicacy known as a Jeanne’s Cake. So my lovely Auntie Della finally bought me one:

I was deprived of Jeanne cakes throughout my childhood because my mother can't stand them, even though most ex-Winnipeggers buy frozen cakes to take home for nostalgia's sake.

As it turns out, I wasn’t missing too much. But I had a really nice afternoon with my auntie Della.

I did more in Winnipeg than eat sweets, but who cares, right?

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