Jewish Girls to Want to Be: Annie from Community

July 12, 2011

Awhile back, after a conversation with my friend Daniel about The Mirror Has Two Faces wherein we discussed the challenges of growing up as a Jewish girl in North America with only brassy Jewish women in pop culture to look up to, I compiled a list of the Jewish women (both real and fictional) who made me feel good about being a Jewish woman, or would have if I’d known about them when I was 14.

Now that I’m finally up on Community (thanks to a 14-hour plane ride back in the spring), I can add Alison Brie’s Annie to this list. Annie is smart and sweet and hardworking and a great debater and possibly the most adorable person on television. Her Jewishness is incidental (“Just say the whole word!”), but that doesn’t matter. If she’d existed 15 years ago, she might have single-handedly undone all the damage done by Barbra, Bette, and Woody Allen movies.

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