Well, OBVIOUSLY writing is fun when you’re writing about monkeys throwing things

May 29, 2011

I’ve been teaching a kids’ playwriting workshop the past few weeks and yesterday my teaching partner couldn’t be there so I had the class all to myself, which is potentially terrifying, except that I’ve somehow been granted the seven most amazing children on the planet and they are funny and creative little genius angels who listen well and just really want to write plays. So even though the venue where we teach was overrun with noisy actors (they were holding auditions in another room) and also the ceiling was leaking and we ended up in a room that had a prop sword lying around, my kids were focused and well-behaved and one of them even suggested a class activity that went over so well that I am going to use it every single time I teach anything ever again. (It’s called “High/Low”, and it’s basically a group check-in – you go around the circle and everyone shares a high from their week and a low.)

I’ve also been working on the second draft of a play, which means I’ve had a headache for the past month. I’ve been frustrated and cranky and trying to force it out.

And yesterday in class, while everyone was scribbling away in their playwriting notebooks, 8-year-old R. looks up at me and says “I’m having so much fun writing this!”

So today I finally finished my damn second draft and then went and had an ice cream sundae. There’s more than one way to make writing fun, you know!

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