Canned popcorn

September 22, 2010

Don’t worry, Dad – just because I’m not on this week’s Popcorn Panel doesn’t mean I didn’t organize and edit it. It’s still my thing. I just needed to not watch couldn’t get to Resident Evil: Afterlife, but fortunately some wonderful panelists could.

In non-zombie news, I learned how to make pickles and jam last week. Dawn Nita is a cool lady who is great at putting all sorts of things in jars, and Good Eggis one of my favourite stores in Toronto.


Flipping out

September 8, 2010

Sometimes I like to put kids in the newspaper. For last week’s Popcorn Panel, I had a couple of pre-teen girls talk about a movie about a pre-teen girl. It was an experiment, but I think the results were pretty cute. Think of it as a trial run for my theatre criticism course for 11-year-olds (still in pipe dream mode, but hopefully to be a reality within the next year).