Summer workin’

August 21, 2010

Some links to some stuff what I wrote while I wasn’t writing here.

Popcorn Panels

Peter, Chris and I were pleasantly surprised by The A Team back in June
. However, I will not be discussing any more movies featuring Jessica Biel on the Popcorn Panel. She’s too beautiful. I mean boring.

Viewed as an actual film, Knight and Day is appalling, but viewed as a documentary about Tom Cruise’s self-image, Knight and Day is a work of genius.

– A notorious lesbian, a film critic, and I talk about The Kids are All Right. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s really just the whitest movie ever made.

EVERYONE IS A RUSSIAN SLEEPER AGENT! This blog post will self-destruct.

Bill Murray as funeral director. I’d hire him.

– And finally, this week we did a live online chat about Scott Pilgrim. I read all six of the books, which I prefer to the movie, but the movie is still extremely delightful. I’m just mad that they cut out the fight scene in Metro Ref and the Stark Existential Horror of Honest Ed’s.


I spoke with Jovanni Sy about his neato show A Taste of Empire, which is theatre as a cooking show. Or vice versa. Please note the sidebar, wherein I discuss the extreme trauma caused by Skylight, in which a character prepares a full pasta dinner, which smells fantastic to the audience and makes everyone hungry, but which is immediately deposited into the garbage. Not a show to be seen on an empty stomach.

Public napping = art

Birds that could kill you dead. This was one of my favourite stories to write in a long time. I got to hold an eagle owl and a Harris hawk!

I took some other photos too.

My Summerworks preview for The Star is decidedly not the most exciting exciting article about this year’s festival, but at least mine won’t get me any libel cases.

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