Popcorn on Elm Street

May 7, 2010

So I wussed out on the Popcorn Panel this week. The last time I watched a movie from the Nightmare on Elm Street canon, I was 10 and at a sleepover at SJ’s house. (Remember SJ? She was a great influence in all sorts of ways.) Actually, “watched” is not the right word. “Hid behind the couch with my Les Miserables tape in my Walkman and a Babysitter’s Club book” is a more accurate description, and after the movie, the other girls at the sleepover jumped around shrieking “Don’t look at me”, and I assumed I was just missing some creepy reference. I was able to sleep that night, though I still don’t understand the reference.)

And while there is plenty to be said for facing your fears, I feel that truism applies only to certain fears, and there are some fears that aren’t worth facing. For example, you shouldn’t face a fear of sharks by jumping into a shark tank in a bikini. That’s just stupid. Likewise, why subject myself to something unpleasant without purpose? I know some people find horror movies fun, but I’ve never found them fun. Only mildly-to-extremely traumatic, without any kind of pay-off for the trauma. (I feel the same way about Todd Solondz films.)

In any case, I was able to round up an excellent panel of fellas who do find scary movies fun, and they have a bunch of interesting things to say about Nightmare on Elm Street.

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