May 6, 2010

Last week I interviewed Catalyst Theatre‘s Jonathan Christenson for this story for The Star about Catalyst’s production of Frankenstein, which opens tonight at CanStage. I haven’t seen the show yet, but it sounds pretty cool, even if Franky won’t be dressing up in a tux and lurching his way through Puttin’ On The Ritz

In entirely unrelated news, last weekend a pigeon laid an egg in the eavestrough outside my kitchen window.

I was very torn because, on the one hand, pigeons are disgusting rats with wings and it is a constant battle to keep them off my damn deck already, seriously pigeons, SCRAM! But on the other hand, look how cute that little egg is. Unfortunately, the egg is gone now, and with no evidence of it having hatched. I think a squirrel must have snagged it.

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