May 2, 2010

On Friday night I attended my favourite theatrical event of the year, the Nags Community Players annual variety show, which has featured my effervescent mother for the past three years.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about my love of community theatre for what was then the Praxis Theatre blog. The joy and delight I wrote about for Praxis (plus a healthy dose of pure weirdness) is epitomized by the Nags. (I can vouch for this personally because I’ve seen it up close: when I was living with my parents, the Nags used to rehearse in our kitchen.) Seriously, watching their annual variety show is like watching the Muppet Show, only live, and with people instead of Muppets. And this year the theme is the 1950s, which means there’s an Elvis impersonator!

It’s at the Tranzac and they have two more shows on Friday and Saturday nights. I guarantee it is the only place in Toronto that you will see a spoof of the obscure British kids’ tv show Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men. I love anything that involves a character whose only available speech is the ability to say the name of what they are. That’s probably why I loved WALL-E so much.

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