Ick Ass

April 23, 2010

This week’s Popcorn Panel is about Kick Ass, and illustrator extraordinaire Steve Murray and Beguiling owner extraordinaire Peter Birkemoe were kind enough to join me on the panel this week. Personally, I found Kick Ass to be unexpectedly traumatic. What I didn’t manage to work into the panel is a reference to the terrible Bon Cop, Bad Cop, which is what Kick Ass most reminded me of in terms of its tonal dissonance: in both films, the dramatic climax is far too dark for how the rest of the movie has been set up, and it feels unbalanced. It’s unsettling, and not in a good way. In a “I don’t know what kind of movie I am” way.

Speaking of unexpectedly traumatic films, last night I watched The Apartment. Man. It’s amazing, but I wasn’t expecting a romantic comedy about an office worker who is bullied into letting executives at his company use his apartment to cheat on their wives, nor was I expecting a running joke about suicide. It’s such a well-made and well-written film, though – every tiny detail in the script is followed through on, and the result is a rich and complex film of the likes they just don’t make anymore.

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