(Beach) Balls

April 17, 2010

Researching this story in today’s National Post resulted in a colourful bruise that only started to fade yesterday, a week after I played. I don’t know if the sheer bizarreness of Beach Blast really comes through in my story. It’s a fun place, and I learned a lot about beach volleyball, but it’s pretty weird up there. I didn’t have room to mention the fact that they host bar mitzvahs (a beach volleyball Bar Mitzvah! That sounds insane even to me, and I once went to a bar mitzvah where former Montreal Canadian Steve Shutt had been hired to sign autographs!), or that all the coaches look like Matthew McConaghey (I think that’s just how beach volleyball players look – it’s not like you have many other career options when you look that way). I also didn’t have space to describe the owner’s adorable 4-year-old son who came over to me while I was interviewing his dad and started to talk up his bumping skills.

So if you have some driving urge to play in the sand indoors, and are tougher than me in the forearms, and want to hang out with a dude named Maverick, head up to Beach Blast.

One Response to “(Beach) Balls”

  1. JLo Says:

    I am pretty sure Matthew Mcconaghey only had three choices in life: celebrity sex symbol, volley ball coach, or surfer. Oh Mcconaghey.

    Also, thanks for adding my blog to your roll! đŸ™‚

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