A very important blog post about otters

April 8, 2010

This is more important than whatever the hell you’re doing right now. Please take a moment to watch this video about a baby otter trying to befriend a cat. Oh what the hell, I’m just going to embed the video here:

My favourite thing about this video (aside from the tiny otter’s little face, obviously) is how resentful the kitten is. He’s all “I will suffer the affectionate clawings of this stinky river beast because the peoples will give to it the raw feesh for me to steal.” You can just see that pro/con list playing out in his pissy little diva brain.

Seriously, though, don’t get an otter for a pet. Have you seen how they gang up on alligators in the Rivers episode of Planet Earth? Those guys will fuck your shit up (the otters, not the alligators). These people are idiots.

One Response to “A very important blog post about otters”

  1. […] August 17, 2010 11:07 pm Hm. It’s been awhile. I mostly use this blog to keep track of the articles I’ve published and to expound on the various thoughts that flit through my brain about my various professions (this summer, you can add radio producer to that list) and sometimes to share very important otter news. […]

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