Where everybody knows your name and gives you cookies

December 30, 2009

In my brief lament about the status of women in the movies, I forgot to mention one movie that had surprisingly whole, interesting female characters: Up in the Air. Overall, the movie was unsatisfying and too Clooneyey, but its treatment of women had nothing to do with my disappointment.

Now, to rhapsodize about my favourite coffee/pie shop. Madeleine’s, Cherry Pie and Ice Cream is one of the things I miss most about the Annex. When I lived in the neighbourhood I spent so much time there (great coffee, great pie, great atmosphere) that I became friendly with the owner Kyla Eaglesham. Two years ago, I even wrote a story about their holiday gingerbread house decorating workshop.

I was at Madeleine’s a few weeks ago and Kyla was trying out something new for the holidays: orange madeleines coated with sparkly rock candy sugar glaze. Delicious, and so pretty. See?

I hope she makes them all winter.

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