December 22, 2009

On Saturday I managed to rouse myself from the flu of the decade in order to see the crapfest- I mean 3D movie of the decade so that I could host the live Popcorn Panel of the decade.

This is only the third live panel we’ve ever done, but I really want to do more – they’re more, well, lively than the regular panels, and it’s awesome to have the immediate input from readers as well (how else would we learn about Unobtainium?). You can read the panel as it unfolded yesterday on the National Post’s Ampersand blog, and you can watch for an edited version in the paper next week.

As for the movie itself, wow, was it ever stupid. James Cameron is like the Thomas Kinkade of film making: over the top tacky and self-important, and bafflingly popular (some of the Pandoran landscapes reminded me of Kinkade paintings, too). For me, it became a game of listening for the next terrible one-liner that sounded ripped from a bad 80s movie (“I didn’t sign up for this shit”? For real?). I hate 3D as well – there’s something off about the focus and it gives me a headache, plus the glasses are tinted so it washes out the colour. At the same time, I had a lot of fun watching this ridonkulous million-year-long blue techno-wankfest. So I’m very frustrated, because I just wanted to flat-out hate it because James Cameron is such an annoying bastard. But I don’t. Hmph.

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