Good grief!

December 20, 2009

This week’s Popcorn Panel was about Tom Ford’s beautiful debut A Single Man, so naturally my chosen panelists had to be very well-dressed. Fortunately, two of the best-dressed people I know, National Post style columnist Nathalie Atkinson and playwright (and good friend) Robert Watson, graced the Popcorn Panel with their well-turned-out presence. Unfortunately, because it’s print, no one can tell what you’re wearing. So just go read the panel and imagine us as though we’ve been ripped from the pages of Vogue.

In other news, I’ve been sick all week, in the deathgrip of some terrible flu. It was thanks to the magic of Buckley’s Complete that I was able to file this panel on time, since before I took it I could barely lift my head from the pillow. Being bedridden is a good excuse to finally watch the first season of Veronica Mars, though, which makes for excellent quarantine viewing: lots of angst and melodrama. Plus, last spring I interviewed Veronica’s dad. He was a peach.

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